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A nurse of heart and training, her personal and professional experiences led Joana to a total break with the notion of the inevitability of the disease in life.

Through a natural and vegetable diet and yoga, she found the path of (re) integration in the cycles of nature, sustainability and experiencing the sense of collectivity, as well as the path of health, youth and longevity.

The disease is not necessarily a fatal fluke in life. Everything we do has an impact on us and our surroundings. We are inevitably connected. We are the food we choose to eat, and food can be our medicine and the world's medicine. Through this awareness, we can assume our role in responsibility for our physical, emotional and mental well-being, as well as our role in responsibility for the health of the planet.

Joana found in the kitchen the expression of her joy and creativity, as well as a new way to care for and nurture the other, and to change the world, the main ingredients being intention and love. In addition to workshops, she makes delicious breakfasts that accompany yoga classes at Baumhaus. She defends a natural, organic, plant-based, seasonal and local cuisine, in which the state of humility and gratitude for what Nature offers us, with wisdom and abundance, is always present.

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