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Clean & Safe


In view of the new reality we are experiencing globally, the Baumhaus Serviced Apartments operates with the highest levels of security, based on the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health and Tourism of Portugal. We are attentive to the evolution of the pandemic, in order to constantly update the hygiene and safety procedures in our facilities and to take measures that allow us to maintain our quality mark.


  • We have a maximum occupancy of 9 apartments in the building, giving you maximum privacy and social distance;
  • All apartments are completely independent, so you will have full autonomy to not cross paths with other guests, if you wish;
  • We have a huge garden to enjoy the sunny days outdoors;
  • Two of our apartments have large private terraces, so you can enjoy the outdoors in complete privacy;
  • All of our employees received adequate training in the implementation of the new security measures and use personal protective equipment;
  • We restructured and reinforced the cleaning plans, paying particular attention to surfaces with common use;
  • We use certified cleaning products and disinfectants;
  • We adopted additional measures for cleaning and disinfecting the apartments;
  • We distribute disinfectant dispensers for the hands that are available to our guests and employees, as well as shoe disinfectant at the entrance;
  • We frequently ventilate apartments and common areas;
  • We reinforce security measures in the handling and washing of textiles.


  • During the pandemic phase, we have a flexible cancellation fee;
  • We extend the check-in time until 5 pm (only in specific cases), to comply with the recommended time for aeration and disinfection (in this case, guests can deposit their luggage at the reception);
  • We created an Express Check-in and Check-out procedure, in order to limit face-to-face interaction to the minimum necessary;
  • We privilege contacts via phone, email or whatsapp;
  • We provide additional towels and amenities on arrival, as well as an autonomous cleaning kit for our guests; cleaning of the apartments will only be done during the stay if previously requested.


We have created an internal protocol that is being strictly followed by our staff and that also includes preventive measures that will be requested from our guests, guaranteeing their maximum possible security throughout the stay:


All customers have at their disposal in the apartment, on arrival, individual kits with the following items:

  • Mask;
  • Gloves;
  • Skin disinfectant solution that has at least 70° of alcohol;
  • Disinfectant wipes.

These kits are available for free (1 kit per person); if additional kits are requested, they will be made available at a price of € 5 / kit.


In order to maintain a social distance between employees and customers and to avoid physical contact, the following measures were established:

  • Delivery of supplementary materials to guests (eg towels, toiletries) must be requested in advance and carried out only when the guest is not in the apartment;
  • Contact with guests via email, phone call or whatsapp is privileged.
  • The reception area is reserved for employees only; guests must not enter it;
  • Check-out does not need to be done in person, the guest only needs to communicate when he / she intends to vacate the apartment;
  • Reservation of services (tours, transfers, among others) must be previously scheduled, via email, phone call or whatsapp;
  • The guest must use the toilet in his own apartment to the detriment of the common toilet that is reserved for employees;
  • Mandatory use of mask in the common area of the building (with the exception of the garden).

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